Wanda Acuna

I Am Wanda Acuna

Modeling is not just about clothes , it’s about attitude.

The enchanting raven hair beauty Wanda Acuna exudes not only a wholesome sensuality, but also the grace and strength.  Wanda has built a career that has demonstrated her as the scorching and outspoken starlet among Tinsel Town’s stars.

World Screen Magazine says “Acuna is on the rise of setting the new image for Hollywood…Watch out!” Citing from syndicated Columnist Shirley Eder, Wanda Acuna is currently on the cusp of stardom.”

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Wanda has always been the center of attention for her stage talent and exotic beauty.  In her teens, Wanda already achieved the International prominence as Miss Puerto Rico International and Miss Teen American Beauty, just to name a few.  Along with an extensive background in beauty pageants, Wanda also has proven to be an excellent athlete.  She has competed and won the championship titles in numerous equestrian events.

Wanda is best known for her role as the sultry vixen, Keesha Monroe on the number one daytime television soap, The Young &The Restless.  Crossing from daytime television to the big screen, Wanda stunned the critics and fans alike with her enthralling portrayal of Gina in John Schlesinger’s “Eye for An Eye,”  Starring Sally Field and Keifer Sutherland.

“Best Young talent in Hollywood…this really beautiful young Latin girl Named Wanda Acuna…She is going to do very well.” Juan Morales, Detour.

“In Eye for an Eye…Her performance is certainly a departure from daytime Keesha on Y&R”-Janet De Lauro, Soap Opera Weekly.

Wanda’s odyssey to Hollywood began during her second year in college studying Pre-Dental.  She was
discovered and signed to a lucrative contract as the spokesperson for the prestigious Cartier jewelry line.  Her very first location; Spain.  After Wanda’s return from Spain, she has been riding a never-ending wave of success in modeling and television commercials.  She has been featured in numerous magazines for the top fashion designers and was cast in national commercial for major advertisers such as Ford, Sony, Coke, GE, and Miller Genuine Draft.  These television commercials led Wanda to her passion for acting.  She has been guest appearing on numerous episode in popular television shows such as Pensacola, Arliss, JAG, LA Heat, General Hospital and House of Frankenstein,…just to name a few.

Wanda has elicited multi cultural kudos through her performances filled with passion, truth, and sensitivity.  She has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most promising Latin Actress.  This charismatic and exquisite gem of Hollywood welcome life in open arms. Wanda posses the energy and reassuring outlook to face any challenge.

Already a genre unto her own in the world of glamour and acting, Wanda dedicates herself to refining her craft as a well-seasoned actress.  For me, finding the inner truth of a character allows me the freedom to create that character for the audience.  I want to continue this momentum and strike while the iron is hot!”

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